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Butler’s technology department focusses on 13 key areas that help you train for today’s active job market. Whether you learn to program in several languages, design either the backend or frontend of a website, understand digital media, restore an engine or weld a bridge, Butler will make you marketable. Our industry-savvy instructors will teach you how to integrate networks, design games, build computers or defend them from adversaries. At Butler, you learn hands-on and state-of-the-art techniques to get a job, immediately!

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Tiffani Price
Associate Dean, Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math
Office: BOE 15129

Shannon Covert
Associate Dean, Science, Technology, Engineering and Math
Office: BOE 15142

Mel Whiteside
Dean, Science, Technology, Engineering and Math
Office: BOA 5109S

Michelle Ruder
Associate Dean of Workforce Development
Office: BOA 5102S

Olivia Kuhns
Administrative Assistant
Office: BOA 5109S

Veterans Benefits

Butler Student reading about Veteran Benefits

If you have served in our nation’s Armed Forces, you’ll find a lot of people ready to serve you at Butler.