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Online forms: Vendor Non-Disclosure Agreement

This form has 3 pages

This Non-Disclosure Agreement is signed and executed to ensure mutual understanding on information handling, especially information of confidential nature, in relation to Work performed for, and information obtained from or through, Butler Community College.

Signatory, also referred to as "Vendor(s)" hereby agrees to comply with the following terms and conditions:

  1. "Confidential Information" means information that Butler Community College designates as being confidential or which, under the circumstances surrounding disclosure, ought to be treated as confidential. "Confidential Information" includes, without limitation, source code, information relating to released or unreleased software or hardware products, the marketing or promotion of any product, Butler Community College’s operating policies, practices, and contact information, as well as information received from others that Butler Community College is obligated to treat as confidential. Confidential Information disclosed to Vendor(s) by any Butler Community College employee and/or agent is covered by this Agreement. Confidential Information shall not include that information defined as Confidential Information above that Vendor(s) can conclusively establish: (i) entered or subsequently enters the public domain without breach of any obligation owed Butler Community College; (ii) became known to Vendor(s) prior to Butler Community College’s disclosure of such information to Vendor(s); (iii) became known to Vendor(s) from a source other than Butler Community College other than by the breach of an obligation of confidentiality owed to Butler Community College; (iv) is disclosed by Butler Community College to a third party without restrictions on its disclosure; or (v) is independently developed by Vendor(s).
  2. Vendor(s) expressly undertakes to retain in confidence and to require all of its employees, agents, contractors, consultants, mandates and subcontractors to retain in confidence all information and know-how transmitted to Vendor(s) by Butler Community College that has been identified as being proprietary and/or confidential, or that by the nature of the circumstances surrounding the disclosure ought to be treated as proprietary and/or confidential. Vendor(s) shall make no use of such information and know-how except under the terms and during the existence of performing Work for Butler Community College. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary herein, Vendor(s)’s confidentiality obligations set forth herein shall survive any termination or expiration of said Work.
  3. Vendor(s) shall take reasonable security precautions, at least as great as the precautions it takes to protect its own confidential information, to keep confidential the Confidential Information. Vendor(s) may disclose Confidential Information only to Vendor(s) employees, agents, sub-contractors, mandates, or consultants on a need-to-know basis for purposes of performing Vendor(s) obligations while performing Work for Butler Community College. Vendor(s) shall execute appropriate written agreements with its employees, agents, contractors, mandates and consultants sufficient to enable it to comply with all the provisions of this Agreement.
  4. When accessing Butler Community College systems, networks or media Vendor shall follow the Policies, Procedures and Practices set out by Butler Community College for the use of these systems.
  5. Confidential Information may not be disclosed, reproduced, summarized or distributed in any form.
  6. Confidential Information may not be removed from Vendor(s) premises without the prior consent of Butler Community College.
  7. Any and all software provided or disclosed by Butler Community College to Vendor(s) shall be deemed Confidential Information. Vendor(s) shall not distribute, reverse engineer, de-compile or disassemble any software pursuant to this Agreement.
  8. Vendor(s) shall return all originals, copies, reproductions and summaries of Confidential Information at Butler Community College’s request or, at Butler Community College’s option, certify destruction of the same.
  9. Vendor(s) acknowledges that monetary damages may not be a sufficient remedy for unauthorized disclosure of Confidential Information and that Butler Community College shall be entitled, without waiving any other rights or remedies, to such injunctive or equitable relief as may be deemed proper by a court of competent jurisdiction. 10. Butler Community College may visit Vendor(s) premises, with reasonable prior notice and during normal business hours, to review Vendor(s) compliance with the terms of this Agreement.
  10. Vendor agrees to notify Butler Community College of any intentional or unintentional disclosure or potential disclosure of Butler Community College Confidential Information by the Vendor, Vendor Subsidiaries, Subcontractors, Employees or Officers within twenty-four (24) hours of disclosure or potential disclosure.