Vocal Music Scholar Information

These pages include information that may be useful to incoming Vocal Music Scholarship students.  Scholarship students must go through an audition process and be offered an official scholarship as well as accept that scholarship through the official channels.  If you need information on scholarships or have any questions about the information on this page, please email vocalmusic@butlercc.edu

Mandatory Meeting in August

All vocal music scholarship students will begin rehearsing the weekend before school begins (August 17-20) and you should plan your summer accordingly. There will be a mandatory Welcome to Butler meeting on Friday, August 18th. Please reserve the entire day!  Students who are living in the dorms will need to request special permission to move in early so they can attend the meeting. More information on this meeting will be emailed in July.

Admission to Butler and how to enroll:

In order for your scholarship to take effect, you must be admitted to Butler immediately. If you have not filled out the admission forms, you can do it online at https://forms.butlercc.edu/butler-application/.  You may wish to set up an appointment with one of our admission staff.  Find their information at http://www.butlercc.edu/info/20000/admissions/21/admissions-staff.

Enrolling in classes can be an intimidating process.  Choosing the right courses for a major is not something that is completely cut and dry, and we like all first semester students to sit down with an advisor in El Dorado who can help plan your education.  Before you can meet with an advisor, you must have completed the application for admission and been successfully admitted to the college.  Information on advising hours as well as a form to schedule an appointment can be found at http://www.butlercc.edu/advising.

When you enroll, your scholarship may not yet be entered into our system.  If you are instructed that you need to make an initial payment, first contact the Fine Arts office (316-322-3325) to verify your scholarship acceptance.  Then, make sure to not pay more than the “fees” because your tuition will be covered by your scholarship.  Advising and Admissions will tell you that you should also fill out a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid).  You may be eligible for additional money beyond your books and tuition scholarship.

Enrolling in Required Classes for Scholarship:

All vocal music scholars must enroll in Concert Choir, which meets M/W/F at 12.  You will also eventually enroll in a small ensemble (you will receive a letter telling you which to enroll in this summer) and 1 credit in another performance class (i.e. Voice Lessons, Dance Class, Acting Class, Piano Lessons, etc.). You will have a total of at least three (3) performance-related credit hours.

Enrolling for Non-Required Classes:

It is a good idea to enroll now - classes fill very fast. Even if you change later, it is best to have some of your schedule locked down.

We recommend that when you enroll for your first semester, you choose all of your core classes and general education classes for the morning hours.  Make sure to give yourself a lunch break before choir if possible!  Ensembles meet (depending on which you are placed) on M/W/F between 12 and 3, and/or T/Th between 1 and 3.  When you receive your ensemble placement, you can finish enrolling in an afternoon class if necessary.

Online Classes:

If you have never taken an online class, we strongly recommend that you wait a semester to attempt one - especially if you are not computer savvy and/or have difficulty with time management. We just want you as successful as possible during your first semester at Butler.

Evening Classes:

Part of your scholarship agreement requires that you do not take evening classes.  Certain majors ONLY offer courses in the evening, and you need to discuss this with us prior to enrollment.  Most courses are offered multiple days and at multiple times, but those prime spots between 9am and Noon fill up very quickly on the El Dorado campus.  Enroll early!

Keeping your course load manageable:

As you are planning credit hours, remember that 3 of your credits are for scholarship activities, and an additional 12 as a minimum (total 15) are required to be a full-time student on our scholarship.  Students can take more, but your first semester we discourage you from overloading yourself.  If you feel like you need to enroll in more than 16 credits for your degree plan, please contact us first to talk about it.

On-Campus Housing:

If you are planning on living in the dorms, you should complete the housing application as soon as possible.  To apply for housing you must already have applied for admission to the college and have your pipeline username and ID.  Housing forms can be found at http://www.butlercc.edu/info/201103/residence-life/253/residence-life-forms and if you have questions you should email housing@butlercc.edu.

Music Major Information

If you are a music major or are enrolled in Music Theory, we will have a required Music Major Meeting on Friday, August 18, 2015 from 8:00am – 10:00am in the Fine Arts building, Room 725. This meeting will cover essential topics for music majors, so mark your calendars now.

If you have any questions about the meeting, you can email Matthew Udland at mudland@butlercc.edu or Joel Knudsen at jknudsen@butlercc.edu.