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Your Program of study in digital media includes courses such as:

  • IN115 Flash Fundamentals: You‘ll create vector animations for Flash banners and web graphics. You can continue your Flash studies with IN217 2D Animation and Cartooning.
  • IN123 Digital Illustration and Page Layout: You‘ll use vector drawing tools to create original designs and respond to thematic assignments.
  • IN124 Introduction to Digital Design: You‘ll apply a methodical design process as you projects using both traditional and digital tools. You‘ll explore design tools such as Illustrator and Flash and you‘ll also create brief movies.
  • IN117 Digital Video Editing and IN119 Digital Audio: Continue to develop your technical skills courses emphasizing message design through visuals and sound.
  • IN145 Storyboarding for Digital Media: You‘ll develop your visualization and rapid sketching skills as you translate story scripts into illustrated frames.
  • IN174 Stop–Motion Animation and 3D Environments, IN208 Digital Publishing Tools: You‘ll add more depth to your professional portfolio as you complete projects in these classes.
  • IN299 Digital Design Entrepreneurship: You‘ll explore the current world of design work, and develop your own approach to continuing your ongoing development as a professional.