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Qualifications for Licensure as a
Professional Nurse in Kansas

Professional Nurse Application Requirements: 65-1115

Pratical Nurse Application Requirements: 65-1116

Denial of Licensure: 65-1120

Felony Crimes: listed in the Kansas statutes under Chapter 21 - Crimes and Punishments http://ww.ksbn.org/
After July 1, 1997, the Board of Nursing will not issue licenses to applicants who have felony convictions in this list:
Reference Description
21-3401 Murder in the first degree
21-3402(a) Murder in second degree, Intentionally
21-3439 Capital Murder
21-3412(c)(3)* Domestic Battery; third or subsequent time within last 5 years
21-3421 Aggravated kidnapping
21-3401 Murder in the first degree:
Conspiracy (21-3302)
21-3402(b) Murder in the second degree (reckless)
21-3401 Murder in the first degree:
Solicitation (21-3303)
21-3403 Voluntary Manslaughter
21-3420 Kidnapping
21-3427 Aggravated robbery
21-3415(b)(1) Aggravated battery on LEO-intentional.
great bodily harm
(see 21-3414(a)(1)(A))
21-3440 Injury to a pregnant woman in the commission of a felony
21-3414(a)(1)(A) Aggravated battery - intentional, great bodily harm
21-3440 Injury to a pregnant woman in the commission of K.S.A. 21-342 (aggravated assault), K.S.A. 21-3413(a)(1), battery or KSA 21-3517,
sexual battery
21-3404 Involuntary manslaughter
21-3426 Robbery
21-3414(a)(2)(A) Aggravated battery - reckless, great bodily harm
21-3411 Aggravated assault on law enforcement officer
21-3437 Mistreatment of a dependent adult - physical
21-3410 Aggravated assault
21-3422a(b) Aggravated interference with parental custody
21-3428 Blackmail
21-3413(a)(2) Battery against a correctional officer
21-3413(a)(3) Battery against a youth center officer
21-3413(a)(4) Battery against a juvenile detention officer
21-3413(a)(5)* Battery against a city/county correctional officer/employee
21-3414(a)(1)(B) Aggravated battery - intentional, bodily harm
21-3414(a)(1)(C) Aggravated battery - intentional, physical contact
21-3438(c) Stalking when the offender has a previous conviction within 7 years for stalking the same victim
21-3414(a)(2)(B) Aggravated battery - reckless, bodily harm
21-3406 Assisting suicide
21-3419 Criminal threat
21-3438(a) Stalking in all other cases
21-3422(c)(2) Interference with parental custody in all other cases

*This crime was created or the severity level of this crime was amended during the 1996 legislative session.

Kansas Nurse Practice Act (2007)
Kansas State Board of Nursing,
Landon State Office Bldg. ,
900 SW Jackson, Rm. 1051
Topeka, KS 66612-1230
Telephone: 785-296-4929

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