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Department of Nursing
Admission Process

Step 1: Admission to the College

Butler Community College is an open Admission Institution, offering classes to individuals representing a full spectrum of academic ability. A free Application for Admission is required.

The following applicants may be admitted:

  • Graduates of accredited high schools.
  • Individuals who have completed the General Educational Developement (GED) test.
  • Any person who can benefit by a course or program of instruction, providing his/her high school class has graduated. We recommend checking with an academic advisor.
  • Submit official high school transcript, GED scores or official transcripts from other colleges, universities or schools attended to the Registrar's office.
  • College admission does not automatically mean admission to the nursing program.

Step 2: Admission to Associate Degree Nursing Program

 Students seeking admission to the nursing program must be admitted to Butler and must also apply for admission to the Associate Degree nursing program.

  • Butler grants admission twice yearly with 56 applicants admitted each fall and spring semester.
  • The Kansas State Board of Nursing approves the number of applicants admitted each semester guided by student/faculty ratio and availability of clinical facilities.
  • Completion of the application is the student's responsibility.
  • Prospective students must understand the:
  • Qualifications for writing the state board licensure examinations. http://www.ksbn.org/npa/pages/65-115.pdf
  • Grounds for disciplinary action/denial of license. http://www.ksbn.org/npa/pages/65-1120pdf
  • Crimes against persons. http://www.kslegislature.org/li_2012/b2011_12/statute/

To meet this responsibility the student must:

  1. Complete program prerequisites:
  2. Anatomy & Physiology (must be completed within the last 5 years)
    English Composition I
    General Psychology
    Math Requirement (MA 135 or above) MA 131 College algebra with review will also be accepted.

  3. Complete the Admission Assessment Exam.
  4. The Test for Essential Academic Skills will be offered at Butler of El Dorado campus. Exam dates are available by visiting Butler Department of Nursing Admission Assessment Exam (TEAS) page link. Students must register to take the exam at least two weeks prior to the chosen exam date. It is a computerized exam and will be monitored in a campus computer lab. The applicant is responsible for the exam fee, which must be paid at the time of registration. The exam fee is nonrefundable. The admission assessment exam may be repeated one time, with the best composite score used in the selective admission formula. It is the student's discretion as to when they choose to take the exam: before, during or following prerequisite courses. The exam must be taken in time to document the score with the nursing office prior to the application cut off dates. If the exam administrator is other than Butler, the applicant must request that the exam results be sent to the Butler Nursing Department by the testing company. Butler will not accept hand carried, faxed or mailed exam results from the applicant.

  5. Submit the application for the Nursing Program.
  6. Click here to print a .pdf file of the Nursing Application
    Or the application can be obtained by calling the Department of Nursing (316-322-3140 or 316-733-3140 from Wichita). Prospective students must understand the qualifications for applicants for licensure as a Professional Nurse in Kansas.

  7. Submit official college transcripts to the registrar‘s office showing completed prerequistes.
  8. Submit verification of the composite score on the admission assessment exam (TEAS) to the nursing office. (Must be TEAS Test V)
  9. Submit documentation of patient care experience.
  10. All application materials must be received in the Nursing Office before May 20, for the following fall semester, and September 20 for the following spring semester to guarantee consideration for admission.
  11. Address all application materials to:
  12. Selective Admissions
    Department of Nursing
    Butler Community College
    901 S. Haverhill Road
    El Dorado, KS 67042-3280

Step 3: Ranking for Final Selection

  • The nursing program has a selective admission process in which students are rank ordered by the sum of grades earned in the pre-requisite courses of Anatomy and Physiology, English Composition I, and General Psychology, and the composite TEAS score and TEAS raw reading score. Additional points are considered for applicants with documented patient care experience. Applicants must have completed a certified program to earn the extra points. Examples of patient care experience include: Certified Nurse Aide, Patient Care Tech, Emergency Medical Service, Medical Assistant, and Physical Therapy Assistant.
  • Anatomy & Physiology General Psychology English Comp 1 TEAS Composite % TEAS Raw Reading Patient Care Experience Total Points
    20 pts Max
    10 pts Min
    12 pts Max
    6 pts Min
    12 pts Max
    6 pts Min
    99 pts Max
    *Nat‘l mean
    42 pts Max
    *Nat‘l mean
    5 pts Max 190 pts Max
    113 pts Min Required

    *Applicants must score at the TEAS Exam National mean or higher on the adjusted individual total score and the reading score for admission consideration.

    Grades earned: A = 4 x number of credit hours, B=3, C=2.

  • Students must have completed the math requirement, but it will not be included in the grade point calculation.
  • Only official transcripts and verification of admission assessment exam scores will be used.
  • Applicants not meeting the deadline cannot be guaranteed consideration for admission.
  • In the event the final applicant score cannot discriminate a rank order between the 56th and 57th applicant, all application materials of the applicants with the same final applicant score will be reviewed with selection based on "most highly qualified applicant."
  • All selected and non-selected applicants will be notified in writing by Butler's nursing department.

Step 4: Acknowledging Acceptance

  • Selected applicants are given a specified time period to accept their position in the class.
  • If any of the first group do not accept or if any accept and then withdraw prior to the beginning of classes, the vacancy created will be offered to the next highest ranked applicant up to a maximum of 56 students.
  • Reapplication

    • Applicants who are not selected for admission are asked to communicate in writing their desire to reapply for the next class to the Nursing Department prior to the May 20 and September 20 deadlines.
    • Files of applicants who do not communicate their desire to reapply will be deleted.


    • Step Five: Selected Student Responsibilities

    Upon admission to the program, students must complete a specified background check. Admission to the program is contingent upon a satisfactory background check. The following responsibilities are to be completed by the beginning of the clinical component of the nursing courses.

      1. Physical examination report annually including documentation of immunizations. Required immunizations: Tdap in last 2 years., 2 MMR's, 2 Varicella or doc of disease, and TB screening.
      2. Highly recommended: Hepatitis B immunization     
      3. Health care provider CPR verification. CPR course must include adult, child, infant and two-person instruction. The American Heart Association BLS Healthcare Provider Course or American Red Cross Basic Life Support for the Professional Rescuer are the two most commonly accepted courses.
      4. Liability insurance (included in your fees)

           Note: For students currently enrolled in prerequisites at the time of application, official final grades are to be received in the Nursing Department office no later than May 20 for fall admissions, and September 20 for spring admissions. Applicants will not be considered if currently enrolled in a class at the time of the deadline.


    Technical Standards

    Nursing at the Associate Degree level involves the provision of direct care for individuals and is characterized by the application of verified knowledge in the skillful performance of nursing functions. Therefore, in order to be considered for admission or to be retained in the program after admission, all applicants should posses (further details can be accessed in the Nursing Admission Policies).

    1. Sufficient visual acuity
    2. Sufficient auditory perception
    3. Sufficient gross and fine motor coordination
    4. Sufficient communication skills
    5. Sufficient intellectual and emotional functions

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    Last Updated: February 2013