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First Year Experience

Student Connect


What is Student Connect?

Butler Community College seeks to make every student a partner in the learning process that happens in our classrooms. In doing so, we seek to make each student a life-long learner.
Student Connect is an orientation that offers a hands-on approach to introduce new students to the policies and procedures of the college, as well as provide materials and tools to be successful both inside and outside of the classroom.

This learning format encourages connection with peers, faculty and staff members, as well as interaction with the resources and services available on campus.

In Student Connect, You Will:

· Identify the purpose of a Butler syllabus

· Identify how PACT skills are incorporated into Butler courses

· Experience team building

· Demonstrate ability to effectively navigate the Butler Website and use Pipeline and CANVAS 

· Identify resources that contribute to your success in college: Academic Advising (GPS System), Financial Aid, Tutoring, Library Resources, College Health Services, Mental Health Counseling

· Articulate the options available through Student Life and the advantages of becoming involved

· Locate and become familiar with Student Expectations and Butler Policies and Procedures: Student Code of Conduct, Academic Integrity, & Sexual Harassment and Misconduct


What is Expected of you as a Student?

· Attend your scheduled class for the duration in order to receive full credit.

· If you are unable to attend your scheduled class for any reason – you must contact your advisor or the Director of First Year Experience to enroll in a class on a different day/time.

· Wear appropriate clothing as you will be participating in team building activities.