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Scholarship Information

Scholarship Representatives at Butler

General Contact Information

Academic BOA Financial Aid Office 316.323.6260
Foundation BOE Financial Aid Office 316.322.3121
Technical Admissions Office 316.322.3396

Fine Arts and Activities Contact Information

Admissions Ambassadors Kirsten Allen 316.322.3192
Instrumental Music Brett Martinez 316.322.3117
Livestock Judging Taylor Frank 316.323.6859
Spirit Squad (men/women) Teri Rinkenbaugh 316.990.0392
Theatre (Performance and Operations) Bob Petersen 316.322.3261
Tutor Ambassadors Cassandra Zeiner 316.733.3286
Visual Art Trisha Coates 316.322.3330
Vocal Music Valerie Mack 316.322.3224

Mass Communications Contact Information

Radio/Television Keith West 316.322.3194
Sports Media Matt Jacobs 316.322.3272
The Grizzly (Magazine/Yearbook) Keith West 316.322.3194
The Lantern (Newspaper) Amy Chastain 316.323.6894
The Quill Mac Thompson 316.322.3347

Sports and Managers Contact Information

Athletic Trainers (Men/Women) Amanda Maiden 316.322.3220
Baseball (Men) B. J. McVay 316.322.3206
Basketball (Men) Kyle Fisher 316.322.3209
Basketball (Women) Mike Helmer 316.322.3212
Cross Country (Men/Women) Greg Franklin 316.323.6464
Football (Men) Brice Vignery 316.323.6906
Soccer (Women) Adam Hunter 316.323.6916
Softball (Women) Morgan Bohanan 316.322.3290
Track (Men/Women) Greg Franklin 316.323.6464
Volleyball (Women) Lisa Lechtenberg 316.322.3214

Other Scholarship Contacts

Butler Access Sheryl Hayes 316.322.3121
Butler of Andover Student Senate (men/women) Sherri Conard 316.323.6373
Butler of El Dorado Student Senate (men/women) Richard Alvarez 316.322.3353
Butler 2000 Cheryl Trotter 316.323.6401
Military Family Assistance Dee Mabe 316.323.6051
Phi Theta Kappa Chrissy Gifford 316.323.6121
TecE Matthew Jansen 316.323.6122

Notice of Nondiscrimination (Equal Opportunity Employment)

It is the policy of this organization to provide equal opportunities without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, gender, sexual preference, age or disability.