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Butler Peer Tutors


New!   Instead of the old paper log-in forms, please use this on-line log-in form when you meet with a Peer Tutor. Please take just a few moments to complete this Peer Tutor Satisfaction Survey

They're super people - they'll save your bacon, but maybe not if you wait until the last minute! Hey, even super heros can only move SO FAST with the price of gas today. The Butler Peer Tutors are some of the best friends that you will ever want to make.   Even if you don't believe

in super heroes, these people will be super friends to serious students.

Do NOT, we repeat:   DO NOT wait until the last minute before mid-term exams, final exams, or big projects are due.  


Some "Last Minute Lemmings" really do panic and stampede to try and find a tutor just hours before exam time. GUESS WHAT?  

Many of these "last minute lemmings" really do expect the Peer Tutors to work

Super Human miracles, but that's not likely.   So start working with a tutor early!  


The Peer Tutors will do their best, but they generally work their BEST Super Hero MAGIC with those students who visit them regularly (and hey, did we mention the price of gas? )

Speaking of gas prices: please call your tutor if you can't make a scheduled meeting with him or her.   The Butler of El Dorado Gayle Krause Learning Lab telephone number is: 323-6826 and

the Andover AAC number is 218-6237.

 Be considerate. You might not feel well, you might know the material for this week, but you KNOW FOR SURE -

you will probably need a super hero - or at least a good Peer Tutor sometime soon.   Be nice to him or her, they

are your fellow Butler Students.  

Don't skip appointments.   Read your textbook or other assigned materials in advance! Bring your own pencil,

textbooks, and course syllabi. Bring the tutors candy, chips, pizza, and sodas*.

*Disclaimer, many of these "words of wisdom" come from previous Peer Tutors and some of us are on strict diets; bring us a vegetarian pizza or flowers.   All the other suggestions for being better students are serious; really!

I want to be a Peer Tutor too!

Click for Peer Tutor Application Form and Job Description 


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