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Kerry Burrow

Hello! My name is Kerry Burrow. I am the General Biology (BI 110) Instructor for the Andover and McConnell campuses of Butler Community College.

I received my Bachelor's of Science in Biology from Western Kentucky University, located in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Immediately after receiving my degree I moved to Ft. Collins, where I was accepted into a graduate program at Colorado State University. I spent most of my time in Colorado pursuing my Master's Degree in Botany, though I did find time to explore the beautiful terrain.

I have many interests outside of teaching, although developing my teaching skills is certainly top priority these days. I enjoy many types of outdoor sports including rock climbing, biking, running and whitewater kayaking. I also spend time reading and writing, and am currently learning how to paint (though quite poorly). I still keep in touch with the proprietors of W.O.L.F. , a wolf-refuge located near Ft. Collins where I spent time volunteering. I try to get back to Colorado to see "my" wolves as often as possible.