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Biology students collecting data in Andover Central park

The study of life is a great way to make a living

Get your foundation in biology at Butler. Butler's caring, experienced instructors provide hands-on learning and offer personalized attention where you get to know your professors and learn with state-of-the-art equipment. Whether you major in biology, nursing, healthcare, or biotechnology, biology classes at Butler prepare you for the rigors of transferring to a four-year science program.

Estimated Tuitition for Biology: $7,880**

Tuition Total: $6,180
Student Fees Total: $1,620
Course Fees Total: $80

**This includes two years of tuition and student fees based on being a Kansas Resident and taking 65 credit hours. Registration fee of $15 each semester not included. Technology Access Charge not included. Housing and meal plans not included. Fees may vary depending on specific electives.

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