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Biology Activities and Opportunities

Activities for Biology Majors

Student Lab Assistant Opportunities

Earn money and gain experience at the same time. When you become a lab assistant, you learn how to use Petri dishes to grow microbes, make agar plates and tube media, incubate specimens, use the aseptic technique and care for a variety of lab equipment.  These skills enhance any major. Student Lab Assistant schedules always work around class schedules.  You’ll never have a conflict with your classes.  Work 10-15 hours per week.  Work as a lab assistant and find out how much you love science.  Apply for financial aid, and then fill out an application at the HR department on either the El Dorado or Andover campus.

If you have any questions, contact Susan Forrest at or 316-322-3251.

Walnut River Water festival

Hundreds of Butler County fourth and fifth graders learn about water quality at the Walnut River Festival. Butler’s biology professors, guest instructors and the Butler County Conservation District Coordinator teach these elementary students about water conservation. Students from the BEST (Butler & Emporia from Students to Teachers) program lead classes while Butler biology students serve as runners and classroom assistants. This is a great volunteer opportunity.