Mastering Mathematics is more than worth it.

As you progress in math, you learn how to apply these tangible skills to solving problems in science, engineering, IT, economics and agriculture. Whether you advance into Differential Equations or stop at College Algebra, critical thinking skills learned in math courses teach you how to collect and understand data, set up and solve an experiment and communicate evidence-based analysis to instructors and employers. Take these math skills and transfer to a four-year college in math, physics or engineering. You're going to save money getting a credit you can take anywhere.

Not a “Math” person? No need to worry!

Through our new way of teaching math in a module format, students succeed at a 20% higher success rate.

 Do math the Butler way. Get through college algebra and have a solid math foundation.

  • Each module is five weeks long
  • By taking five-week modular courses, you only take what you need
  • Take "My Math Plan" assessment to determine the modules you need

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Larry Friesen
Lead Instructor

Shannon Covert
Associate Dean, Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math
Office: BOE 15142

Laurie Bruce
Developmental Math Program Coordinator

Transfer Courses

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Our courses transfer readily to many four year colleges and universities in Kansas. Students who wish to obtain their bachelor degree should consider this option.

Learn more on our Transfer Information page.