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Butler Alumni
Math and Engineering

Do you have information, updates or email addresses of Butler alumni?
We would like to have this for our alumni pages.
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Johnna Barker (Botts)-B.S. Cellular and Microbial Biology Emporia State Univ. ; B.S. Medical TechnologyWichita State Univ. ; Current position: Medical Technologist at Wesley Medical Center

Butler experience:
"Butler provided a firm foundation in the math and science fields upon which I was able to build. "

Chris Botts-B.S. Secondary Education (Math) Kansas State Univ. ; Teaching Math Kansas USD 266

Butler experience:
"Butler was a great stepping stone for my college experience. I'm glad I attended. "

Lale Capps-BSEE Kansas State Univ. , 1988; Working on M.S. Computer Engineering degree from University of Houston; Worked in Chemical industry for 12 years.

Butler experience: "
The Calculus I, II, and III; the Differential Equations; and the Statics courses thoroughly prepared me for what was coming down the road. "

Clint Combs-BA Math and Philosophy Wichita State Univ. 1992; Working toward PhD in Philosphy, Claremont College, CA.

Butler experience:
"I enjoyed the social life and feeling of camaraderie. "

Jason Hoy-BSCE Kansas State Univ. 1999;
Vice-President/CEO, Longfellow Foundations, Inc.

Butler Experience
: BCCC Math and physics provided me with the tools I
needed to continue my education at the next level.

Chris Grill-BA Wichita State Univ. ; Math Teacher, Andover High School

Collins Ibarra-BS in Mathematics, Kansas State University, 2006. High School Math Teacher, Austin Texas

Butler Experience: "Butler has a wonderful mathematics program. The small class size, The Math Enrichment center, and the easy availability of many instructors made learning easy. When I left for K-State I was thoroughly prepared for the higher mathematics courses to come. "

Tyson Malik-BSEE, Kansas Univ. ,2000; Nokia USA

Butler experience: "I found that I was more prepared than most of my classmates in the areas of Calculus and Differential Equations. "

Jeremy McClanahan-BSIE, Wichita State Univ. ,1994; Product coordinator for Chance Industries

Butler experience: "The math classes I took gave me a strong background for the engineering classes I took at W.S.U. I was actually able to raise my G.P.A. from B.C.C.C. to W.S.U. I also graduated Magna Cum Laude and was top of my class. "

Belinda Pierson-BA Math Kansas Univ,2001; MA Math Kansas Univ. ,2003. Data Analyst, Kansas Foundation for Medical Care.

Butler experience: "The math classes I took at BCCC were extremely helpful in preparing me to go on to a four year university. "

Stacy Reno-BA Liberal Arts, Wichita State Univ. , 1994; Masters of Occupational Therapy, Rockhurst College; Occupational Therapist;

Butler experience: "The individual attention I received from my instructors helped me to get the most from those two years. "

Ken Slyter-BSEE, Kansas State Univ. ,1989; Project Lead, Boeing Aircraft Co.

Butler experience:
"well prepared ... (due to) personal one-on-one relationships possible when class sizes are less than twenty students. "

Dan Sommers -BS Chem E Kansas State Univ. 1995; Utilities Team Manager for Miller Brewing Company

Butler experience:
"The instructors were much more willing to tailor the course material and their teaching style toward the individual class. "

Scott Swan-BS in Architectural Engineering (BSARE) with an emphasis in Electrical Design, Kansas State Univ. ,1998; Project Managing/Design, MEP Consulting

Butler experience:
"I was thoroughly prepared to continue my academic goals at a four year University in a top ranked, accredited Engineering program. "

Les Tatom-BSME Kansas State Univ. 1994; Design Engineer, Cessna Aircraft

Butler experience:
"My background in calculus, physics, and other areas crucial to engineering was comparable to the background of students who had spent their first two years at KSU. "

Kevin Venator-BSEE Kansas State Univ. , 1991; MBA Kansas State Univ. ,1993, Manager, Anderson Consulting

Butler experience:
"The smaller, more personal class sizes allowed for a deeper understanding of course materials. "

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