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Math Modules at Butler

We divide our 16-week developmental and college algebra math classes into three 5-week courses – called "modules". 

Don’t let math be a barrier to your educational goals. When you do math the Butler Way, you earn credit for what you know and focus on what you don’t.

From Pre-Algebra through College Algebra, our new formula for teaching math places students where they need to be when they’re ready for it. We’re here to make sure you FINISH WHAT YOU START.

By taking these 5-week, one-credit hour modules, you’ll save time and money, too!

You can:

  • Earn credit for what you know by taking the My Math Plan Assessment
  • Only take what you need based on YOUR math plan
  • If you do not pass a specific module, you can retake that one immediately and not wait a full semester

By breaking up classes into smaller components, you are able to build a solid math foundation. Our formula allows you to take control and succeed in college level math!


Pre-Algebra 1 / MA051 5 weeks
Pre-Algebra 2 / MA052 5 weeks
Pre-Algebra 3 / MA053 5 weeks
Fundamentals of Algebra 1 / MA064 5 weeks
Fundamentals of Algebra 2 / MA065 5 weeks
Fundamentals of Algebra 3 / MA066 5 weeks
Intermediate Algebra 1 / MA127 5 weeks
Intermediate Algebra 2 / MA128 5 weeks
Intermediate Algebra 3 / MA129 5 weeks
College Algebra 1 / MA132 5 weeks
College Algebra 2 / MA133 5 weeks
College Algebra 3 / MA134 5 weeks

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Bethany Chandler
Developmental Math Lead 

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Developmental Math Lead