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Butler Community College
Multivariable Calculus

Java Tools:

(be patient on a slow connection)

Multitype Grapher
Excellent 3D Grapher - can do implicit surfaces; parametric curves and surfaces, spherical, cylindrical coordinates, animations;
uses mouse to rotate
3D surfacehttp://butlercc.edu/mathematics/Utilities/Grapher_multitype/Grapher.cfm
3D Grapher
3D Grapherhttp://web.monroecc.edu/manila/webfiles/calcNSF/JavaCode/CalcPlot3D.htm
Surface Plotter
Excellent 3D Grapher - can do 2 explicit surfaces; uses mouse to rotate; shading; level curves
3d surfacehttp://www.butlercc.edu/mathmatics/Utilities/

POLYRAY grapher
3D Grapher-does implicit polynomials; ray-shaded; animations

3d wimshttp://wims.unice.fr/wims/wims/
Go to: Online Calculators and Plotters | Polyray
Alternate link (France)
Wireframe 3D
Parametric Curve and Surface Plotter; lots of examples
3d wireframehttp://www.butlercc.edu/mathematics/utilities/wireframe3D/index.htm
Calculus Tools
Many Calculus III Tools - 3D Graphing; parametric graphs; uses mouse to rotate; can do non-rectangular domains
3d multivarMultivariable Calculus Tools - Knisley

Graphing Calculator Help:


Prentice Hall Graphing Calculator Help Page


Vectors from the Calculus and Physics point of view
Shows some differences in outlook and notation between Calculus and Physics

Syllabus Guide Online

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