Polynomial Regression Applet

by Paul Lutus

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Enter your data in to columns, separated by a space

  • Polynomial coefficients are given in scientific notation
    For example f(x) = 1.65e+00 + 5.9e-01 * x + - 1.257e+02 * x^2 = 1.65 + 0.59x - 125.7x²
  • Click degree arrows to increase or decrease fitted polynomial degree (applet calculates any degree ≥ 1)
  • Applet automatically scales the axes
    Moving your mouse pointer around will trace to tell you what each gridline represents
  • You can paste data from the system clipboard (e.g. from a spreadsheet) into the upper (input data) window
    Edit | Select data from your source, then Edit | Paste
  • To copy data from the lower (output data) window, click the window, press Edit | Select All, Edit | Copy
  • Use the Compute tab to enter values for calculation in the polynomial
  • PolySolve Version 3.3 (12/01/2009) by P. Lutus;   www.arachnoid.com