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Cessation Resources


The Kansas Tobacco Quitline provides FREE one–on–one coaching to help tobacco users quit. The Quitline is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week online or by phone. Trained Quit Coaches provide participants support to create an individual plan to quit tobacco or fight cravings. The FREE service is available to Kansans who are ready to quit any form of tobacco.

Quitline Fact Sheet

Web Coaching Fact Sheet

Coventry/PHS Tobacco Cessation Program

Attached is a flyer regarding the cessation program offered through Butler Community College insurance program. The first part of it, the digital coaching piece, is part of the WellBeing online digital coaching programs. At the very bottom of the flyer, it has a number to call. That is the telephonic program. For all covered members, if they call that number, they will be paired with a quit coach that they will maintain for the duration of their program. If the coach thinks that nicotine replacement in the form of gum, lozenge or patch would be of benefit, it is included as part of the program, and PHS cover the cost.

If an employee doesn't have Butler health insurance program they will be encouraged to call their insurance provider to see if they have a program similar offered to their plan participants.

Freedom From Smoking

Freedom From Smoking© Online, or FFS Online, is a program specifically designed for adults, like you, who want to quit smoking. It‘s an adaptation of the American Lung Association‘s gold standard, group clinic that has helped thousands of smokers to quit for good.

FFS Online takes you through modules, each containing several lessons that you access through this protected website. These lessons include valuable information and most of them contain an assignment that you are to complete before moving on. The assignments reinforce the messages in each lesson and your commitment to quit.

FFS Online does not begin with quitting. The program takes you through several lessons first, ensuring that solid information about preparing to quit is given before Quit Day. Go ahead and progress through the lessons and modules until you complete the entire program. The beauty of FFS Online is that it can be accessed day or night, seven days a week, on any schedule you choose.

The Basic FFS Online program is offered free of charge. The Premium FFS Online Program is offered for $15 for 3 months, or $40 for one year, and includes more detailed information such as Message Boards for participants, downloadable relaxation exercises and other social networking capabilities.