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Return Policy:

A Butler Community College Bookstore receipt is required for all refunds and at book buy-back.

Books and study aids purchased NEW must remain in original condition, with all components, passwords/authorization codes inactivated and shrink-wrap intact. Books purchased USED must contain all components.

Please refer to the Registrar for adding/dropping or withdrawing classes or the Learning Calendar, located at any counselor's office, for additional refund dates.
Courses less than 4 weeks have no refund after the first class meeting.
Books and study aids purchased after the second week of class and before the last two weeks of class may be returned within 7 days of the date purchased in its original condition Books and study aids purchased during the last 2 weeks of classes will only be considered for buy-back. No refunds allowed during the last two weeks of class.

Refund Payment:
Refund Payment: If the student has an outstanding balance with the college, the credit will be applied to the student's account;
otherwise, a check will be mailed to the student in a timely manner. Purchases made by cash or check will be processed through our Accounts Receivable Office. Purchases made by book voucher or financial aid will be credited to the student's account immediately. Purchases made by credit card must be applied to that credit card.

Cancelled classes:
Classes cancelled by college – the posted return deadlines and condition criteria apply. See dates posted in Registrar's link.

Defective books:
Books purchased as new found to be defective will be replaced at no charge and should be returned to the bookstore immediately. Books purchased as used will be exchanged only during the refund period and if the bookstore still has used books available. If you wait until the end of the semester to report a defective book, the book may not be considered for buyback.

Prerequisite class:
Books and videos purchased for prerequisite or continuing classes may be returned with receipt for refund during the refund period for the prerequisite class only. Example: The book used for both Accounting I & Accounting II would only be eligible for a refund during the refund period for the Accounting I class.

Paid Reservations:
Students will be notified of the book's arrival via their e-mail account. The customer can request a full refund if needed for either two weeks after the e-mail notification is sent or at the 8 week refund period whichever is longer after which time the book will only be considered for buy back at the end of the semester. CUSTOMER'S YELLOW COPY OF THE RESERVATION FORM IS REQUIRED FOR PICK UP OR REFUND. Special orders are non-refundable.

DVD's purchased from the bookstore will be bought back on an as NEEDED BASIS.

Clothing, Gifts, Supplies, and Study Guides:
Clothing, Gifts, supplies, and study guides are returnable for 15 days from the date of purchase, with a receipt in new condition and in original packaging.

Book Buyback:
The Butler Community College Bookstore provides, as a service to the students, a cash buy-back during finals week of each semester. IF the bookstore purchases your book for college use for the upcoming semester, you will be paid 50% of the sticker price, except for books containing ”one-user software“. That price will be calculated without the cost of the software. CDs, workbooks and supplements accompanying the original purchase are necessary to consider the book for buy-back. The college bookstore receipt is required.
Buy back is NOT guaranteed on every book purchased from the Bookstore! Buyback quotas are based on expected enrollment of the upcoming semester and current inventory in the bookstore.

Approximately one week prior to the buyback dates you may obtain a list of books being considered for buyback by visiting www.butlercc.edu, click on the link to the bookstore page and then select the Semester Book Buy Back link. This will give you the current list of books being considered for Butler Community College’s buyback. The wholesalers that assist the college in our buyback event may be able to buy books other than those books designated on our website.

  • The Bookstore does NOT buyback:
    • Spiral bound books
    • Lab books/ workbooks/ textbooks formatted as a workbook (fill in the blank/perforated pages)
    • Textbooks formatted in 3 hole punch format

Your receipt is an official tax document. It is very important that you retain your receipt because the bookstore cannot guarantee the ability to reprint your receipt.