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PaperCut Printing

PaperCut FAQ

How to Use PaperCut for Printing 
(PDF download with instructions on how to print with PaperCut)

What is PaperCut?

  • PaperCut is the new Butler Community College, printing system.  With PaperCut, the cost of your printing is deducted directly from your Papercut account.  Papercut allows you to add money to your account directly, using a credit/debit card or cash (see: “What if I need more funds allocated to my PaperCut account”) and makes it possible for you to print to strategically located printers at the El Dorado, Andover, and Rose Hill campuses.

How does PaperCut work?

  • You will need to log into your PaperCut account and set up your account preferences. 
    How to Use PaperCut for Printing
  • When you are ready to print, select the printer and send the print job.
  • Once at the printer, you will have to swipe your Butler Community College Student ID or enter your Pipeline Credentials.
    • This will release the print job.
  • Your PaperCut will be debited accordingly.
  • After your print job is complete, log out of the printer.
  • After 20 seconds of inactivity, the PaperCut printer will auto log you out.

 How much does Butler Community College allocate towards my PaperCut account?

  • At the beginning of the summer, fall and spring terms, Butler Community College will fund an initial allowance of $5.00 per student, per term.  This allowance is for on-campus students at the El Dorado, Andover, and Rose Hill campuses. 

What if I need to add funds to my PaperCut account?

  • If you need to add more funds to your PaperCut account, you have a few purchasing options. 
    • By accessing the PaperCut web-portal located here:
    • By visiting the El Dorado Book Store, Library and Accounts Receivable cashiers.  Funds can be added via credit/debit or cash.
    • In Andover, funds can be added at the 5000 Bookstore and 5000 Accounts Receivable offices.
    • In Rose Hill, funds can be added by visiting the Butler Administrative Office.

How do I check my printing credit balance?

  • By logging into your PaperCut account, you can see your balance, payments, transaction history and printer usage.
    • Additionally, you can see your balance at the PaperCut printers.

Can I still print if there are no funds in my PaperCut account?

  • Although your print job may queue up, unfortunately, your job will not print without the appropriate funds.

How much does a print/copy job cost?

  • $.10 single-sided, black and white
  • $.18 double-sided, black and white
  • $.25 single-sided, color
  • $.50 double-sided, color
  • Note:  All copies/prints will be duplexed (double-sided) unless otherwise specified. 

Where are the PaperCut, student printers located?

  • Printers are strategically located across the El Dorado, Andover, and Rose Hill campuses.
    • For a list of PaperCut equipped printers, please go to:
    • Then printer names and locations are also located in the PaperCut binder located at each PaperCut printer.
  • Note:  You can also print from any computer on campus that has a web-browser by logging into your PaperCut account and selecting the web print option.

What is “FollowMe” printing?

  • The FollowMe printing allows you to print to any PaperCut equipped printer on campus.  Simply select the appropriate PaperCut printer, select color (C) or black and white (BW).  Send your print job and release your print job at the PaperCut equipped printer. 

If I send a print job to a FollowMe queue, how long do I have to release my print job?

  • A print job will stay in the FollowMe queue for 36 hours before it is removed from your account. 

What if I have a print error?

  • If your print job does not print due to printer error, the printer could not complete a job due to inadequate paper supply, paper jam, mechanical failure, other technical error, cartridge failure, etc.
  • You can request an account adjustment through the PaperCut web-portal.
  • You can also request an account adjustment by going to any of the locations listed in the “Add Funds” portion above.
  • Ensure that you bring your damaged print job with you to the above referenced locations.

What constitutes a refund?

  • Any unused, Student Deposited Funds can be refunded upon completion of the PaperCut Refund Request Form.
    • Refund Request Form must be submitted to the Accounts Receivable Offices in El Dorado and Andover.  
      • Otherwise the funds will roll over to the following semester.

What will not be refunded?

  • The Butler Community College, initial allowance of $5.00 per student, per term will NOT be refunded to the student.  Said funds will be zeroed out at the end of each term.
  • Print job errors caused by student.

How to Use PaperCut for Printing