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The safety and security of our students, faculty, staff and visitors is the primary goal of the Butler Community College Public Safety Department. We must partner effectively with all College Stakeholders to help prevent crime and unsafe conditions from occurring within the College Community. All community members must work cooperatively and collaboratively with one another to reduce the opportunities for crime and unsafe conditions to occur. All College community members have the responsibility to promptly report observed or suspected criminal behavior and unsafe conditions.

College Public Safety Personnel
Campus Police Officers (Kansas Certified Law Enforcement Officers) and Security Officers are on duty 24 hrs. a day, 7 days a week on the El Dorado campus. Their primary responsibilities include patrol of residence halls, campus facilities and parking lots to deter and detect crime and unsafe conditions. They also respond to requests for services including vehicle lock-outs and jump starts. Officers respond to emergency calls and situations. They perform investigations, investigate accidents, enforce College Rules and state and local laws, and provide night escorts and any other requests for assistance. El Dorado Public Safety 321-7657

At the Andover Campus, Security Officers are on duty from 7:00 a.m. until 10:00 p.m. They provide the same services as described above. Andover Public Safety 218-6112

Butler Public Safety Officers work closely with the Residence Life Department and all other departments at the College. They also enjoy a good working relationship with area law enforcement agencies.

Emergency Notifications
In the event of a serious emergency or disaster that would interrupt the normal college operations including classes, it is important that all College stakeholders register with BEARS (Butler Emergency Alert Reporting System). Once properly registered, College stakeholders will receive emergency notifications via cell phone, home telephone, text messaging and computer if there is an emergency situation or critical incident. To register with BEARS, simply follow the Emergency Update Information link on the Butler Pipeline website. There are additional means of emergency notifications on the campuses.

Emergency Assistance
In the event of a medical emergency or violent crime in progress, 911 should be notified; then contact Butler Public Safety at: El Dorado 321-7657, Andover 218-6112. Contact the Public Safety Department for all other reports. Emergency push to talk telephones are located throughout the residence halls and campus in El Dorado.

External defibrillators are located on all campuses. Please familiarize yourself with their locations.

Safety and Security on Campus
Safety and Security policies exist for Residence Halls. These policies are distributed to students who reside in those halls.

Residence halls are normally secured and monitored. When residence halls are secured, authorized entry is made using a proximity card which is issued to residents and staff.

In addition to the patrol, response, assistance and investigations Public Safety Officers monitor surveillance cameras in the Residence Halls lobbies, hallways and entrances . There are additional surveillance cameras in parking lots and other areas of the campuses.

Crime prevention concepts are promoted through the advocacy of Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED). The College advocates reducing or eliminating situational opportunities for crime to occur.

Security Escort Service
After dark, the Public Safety Department will provide escorts to students, faculty and staff between buildings, residence halls and parking lots. A safe practice is to always walk with others.

Security Alerts
With a Pipeline account you are able to check for information that is updated daily. Please watch for any message related to Security Alerts and follow that link.

Tornado Shelters
There are several designated tornado shelters on both campuses to go to in the event of a Tornado Warning. Please refer to the postings located throughout both campuses to identify them.

Crime Statistics Reporting
In accordance with the Clery Act, you may research crime statistics related to the College for the previous three years. This is located on the Butler Pipeline website.


contact info

El Dorado Security: (316) 321-7657
Andover Security: (316) 218-6112

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