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Seek Shelter in Inclement Weather

In the event of severe weather

In the event the College remains open, you (students and staff) are encouraged to consider your own safety when making travel decisions. Faculty and supervisors are asked to be understanding when people are absent because of weather-related circumstances. Butler facility closings refer to offices and classes in El Dorado, Andover, Rose Hill, and McConnell. Other locations are subject to individual facility closings.

In case of Severe Weather (Rev. 7/13)

For Information on Closings

  • Check the Butler Switchboard, 316.321.2222
  • You’ll receive a text from the Butler’s emergency alert system. Not signed up? Contact Campus Police.
  • If you have GrizzlySAFE on your device, you can receive a push notification.
  • Check homepage for a yellow alert notification.
  • Tune-in to these media outlets:  
    • Television: KWCH (Channel 12), KAKE (Channel 10), KSNW (Channel 3);

Severe Weather Shelter Areas

The “alert and take cover” signal is a continuous wail of the campus siren. Also, emergency notifications will be made via the Public Address system, and via the digital desk set telephones. When hearing these signals, immediately move to a shelter area and take cover away from glass and doorways. The “all clear” will be received either by word from administration officials or from the El Dorado Department of Public Safety. All buildings have posted the location of the nearest shelter areas:

El Dorado
Building Shelter Room/Area If Time Permits
100 Restrooms and Huddle Room. 200 bldg. Bathrooms or 1600 building safe room.
200 Downstairs restrooms. 700 bldg. Downstairs.
300 Room 314 or restrooms. 500 bldg. Lower.
400 Men's Restroom (not any shop or storage area). 500 bldg. Lower.
500 Lower-level locker rooms, sports medicine center, hallways, restrooms, PE storage rooms, ladies' dressing room, weight room, under stairways, and areas away from outside doors. Not in the main gym area, room 537 (multipurpose room), or the laundry room. There should be plenty of room for people during sports events.  
600 1st-floor restrooms, account receivable interior offices. 500 bldg. Lower.
700 The basement area, NOT in the theatre.  
800 Restrooms and lower-level rooms 804A-C.  
900 Vault and restrooms. 500 bldg. Lower.
1000 The restrooms are located behind the help desk. 700 bldg. Downstairs.
1100 Lower-level restrooms and lower-level (100 and 300 level) stairs. 2000 or 700 bldg. Downstairs.
1200/1700 Break room, Safety room/storm shelter, east side. 800 bldg. Downstairs.
1300 Lower lobby restrooms, north/south hallways & stairwells. 2000 or 700 bldg.
1400 Interior hallway and restrooms. 2000 or 700 bldg. Downstairs.
1500 Downstairs restrooms, hallways from rooms 103-109 & 134-142.  
1600 Classroom (16-100) at the Northeast corner of building.  
1800 Lower level restrooms, east & west hallways and stairwells. 2000 or 700 bldg. Downstairs.
1900 Interior hallways office area. 500 bldg. Lower.
2000 All downstairs meeting rooms, Restrooms, and hallways.  
131 N. Haverhill Vault, restroom.  
2600 Butler Fire Science / Emgergency Servie Training Center , Classroom 3/2607.  
2318 W. Central Any interior office or room.  
Building Shelter Room/Area

Do not stay in this building. Exit to the 5000 building.

5000 Interior classrooms underneath mezzanine level.
Institute of Culinary Arts Middle of the building walking refrigerator.


Other Butler Locations
Building Shetler Room Area
Council Grove Rear storage area and restroom.
Marion The lower hallway of Marion High School is located across the parking lot.
McConnell As directed by McConnell Air Force Base.
Rose Hill High school interior hallways.
Wichita Service Center Middle of the building, rooms 106 and 107.