Password Assistance

Step 1:

Start here if you have never used the online self service password reset / unlock. If you have, move on to step 2. 

Please be sure to use your full email address. (

Step 2:

Click here to reset your password or unlock your account. You must have completed the password registration process prior to using this link.

Please be sure to use your full email address. (

Password Registration Password Reset / Unlock

Need more help?

For additional assistance, please contact Helpdesk or call 316.733.3306.

Note: Before changing your password, please ensure that all mobile devices using your Butler account login and password to connect to email, etc., are placed into "airplane" mode. After changing your password, update your password on your mobile device, too. Once that is done you can safely take your mobile device out of "airplane" mode. This will prevent your old password from being sent and potentially causing your Butler account to become temporarily locked.