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Day care, job schedules, long commutes, and tuition costs can provide challenges to earning your college degree. How do you fit classes into an already busy life? That’s where Butler Online can help. With more than 150 courses (and counting) and more than 20 degrees online -- you really can take Butler home with you.

Most courses are taken entirely in a virtual setting while some are blended, meaning that some of the coursework is completed on campus.

Becoming a student of Butler Online is easy!
To enroll, first you must apply to Butler.
When accepted, schedule a time to meet with an advisor and determine a major.
Not sure what you want to declare yet? Here is a full list of degrees to choose from. 

Explore more class options in our interactive schedule.

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Use our interactive course schedule to find classes that fit your learning style. Each semester hundreds of courses are offered both online and in person. You can search for classes by subject, location, instructor, and more!