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High School Students

Earn an associate degree while completing high school.

Take classes in your high school building.

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Raven Holland

Raven H.
Augusta High School Student
Undecided Major

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I'm a student at Augusta High School. My junior year I took Psychology and American History 1 and 2 from Butler. Because of Butler, I am able to get the required education for the type of work I would like to do eventually; I don't want to work in fast food all my life!

I plan to attend more classes at Butler during my senior year and even after I graduate high school. Before I go to any university, I want to make sure I'm financially stable. Thank you so much for these amazing opportunities!

Taking college courses while in high school can provide your student with more options in the future. These include graduating college early, adding a second major, or studying abroad.

Learn which option is best for your student, the cost, and how to help your student get enrolled.

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Thank you for being a Butler partner! We understand the pivotal role that school counselors play in helping students feel prepared and become equipped for their future. We're here to help you.

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