Campus Safety

Campus Safety

Safety and Security

The Department of Public Safety is comprised of certified police officers and trained public safety personnel that are available 24 hours a day. Under Kansas law, police and public safety officers have jurisdiction over any properties or events that we own or operate, as well as the contiguous roadways to our campuses, and during any investigative action. They are trained and equipped to respond to and manage police, fire and emergency medical events ranging from minor vehicle accidents to critical weather and crime incidents.

The safety and security of our students, faculty, staff and visitors is the primary goal of the Public Safety Department. All community members must work cooperatively and collaboratively with one another to reduce the opportunities for crime and unsafe conditions to occur. All college community members have the responsibility to promptly report observed or suspected criminal behavior, suspicious activity, and unsafe conditions.

Contact Us

Jason Kenney
Chief of Police
Office: BOE 317, 1100 Bldg.

Dial 911

Bcc police badge


B.E.A.R.S Emergency Notifications

In the event of a serious emergency or disaster that would interrupt the normal college operations including classes, it is important that all College stakeholders register with BEARS (Butler Emergency Alert Reporting System). Once properly registered, College stakeholders will receive emergency notifications via cell phone, home telephone, text messaging and computer if there is an emergency situation or critical incident.

To register with BEARS, simply follow the Emergency Update Information link after logging in on the Butler Pipeline website. There are additional means of emergency notifications on the campuses.