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Fine Arts & Communication Scholarships

Art Scholarship Submission Guidelines

Art scholarships are available in a variety of amounts as cash endowed scholarships payable toward your tuition. Students applying for Art Scholarships must have earned at least a 2.0 GPA in their most recent semester.  To register for an interview, you'll need to fill out the online registration form on the Fine Arts and Communication Scholarships page.

The Butler Community College Art Department will be reviewing digital portfolios and awarding scholarships based on the strength of the artworks presented. A “portfolio” simply means you need to choose 10-20 of your best artworks works to share with art faculty using one of the following formats: a PowerPoint slideshow, Google Drive folder, or link to an artist website. Please email the link to your digital portfolio to

When assembling images for your portfolio, please keep these tips in mind:  

  1. Your portfolio should have 10-20 images of what you consider to be your best works.  
  2. Please include a variety of mediums and subject matters. Diversity of materials and ideas is preferable to works that just showcase the mastery of a specific "style."
  3. Include the following information for each artwork: Title, Material, Dimensions. 
  4. Take good photos of your work. Take your photos in bright, diffused natural lighting. Crop your photos so that the artwork is the only thing in the photo. For two-dimensional works, don’t take photos at an angle, and make sure no shadows are falling across your work. Three-dimensional works should be photographed against a plain background...a wrinkle-free sheet works great for this. 

For more information:

Trisha Coates
Lead Instructor