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Adult learners with special needs may apply for special testing accommodations if they can document that they are capable of passing the GED Tests but are prevented from doing so because of a disabling condition.

Candidates with learning or physical disabilities may request modifications of standard testing conditions based on documented special needs. Modifications include: extended testing time, assistance from a scribe, use of a calculator, testing in a private room and/or frequent supervised breaks. Special editions of English-language GED Tests are available in audiocassette, Braille, and large print formats when need is documented.

To receive testing accommodations, candidates must complete a request form that fulfills these criteria:

Documentation of ability to pass the GED Tests

Documentation of the disabling condition

Relation of the requested accommodations to the documented disabling condition

Completion of the request forms in their entirety

In addition to the listed criteria, requests for accommodations for specific learning disabilities and/or ADHD must provide recent documentation of academic achievement. Although the request forms for physical and/or emotional disabilities may be copies, the requests for accommodations for specific learning disabilities and/or Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) must be submitted on original forms. Request forms are available at all Kansas GED Testing Centers. Completed request forms must be reviewed by the testing center where the candidate plans to test. Incomplete requests will be returned to the candidate for completion. After review by the testing center, the request must be sent to the State GED Testing Office for approval. In unusual cases, the request will be forwarded to the national GED Testing Service for review.