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Enroll in Adult Education

We welcome your enrollment in the Butler Adult Education program!

Register for Adult Education


  1. Call 316.323.6074 and pre-register. Seating is limited.
  2. Attend orientation sessions.
  3. Pay a $30 materials fee.
  4. Attend scheduled class. 

Our Libraries, bookstores, and the Adult Education Department also carry GED study materials. Adult educations programs are located across the state.

Adult Education Requirements


  • Class attendance is mandatory and may meet Monday through Friday. Attendance policies are enforced strictly. You will learn about the attendance policy for classes in the Orientation Session.
  • Basic technology and employability skills, which are required in today’s world, are integrated into all classes. 
  • Agencies paying your fees (i.e. Headstart, Mid-CAP, SRS, WIOA, churches, etc.) should give you a signed, written notice with billing information.
  • You are expected to progress during a class session, but everyone’s skills and goals vary. Upon completing an intensive class session, you may desire additional instruction to reach your goal(s) and may need to enroll in another series of classes.