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The writing is on the wall: The better you read, the more you can succeed.

No matter what Butler degree program, or what career you plan to pursue, your success will be significantly determined by your capacity to get more out of what you read. Reading also contributes fundamentally to your ability to communicate in writing, a skill that is always in high demand.

The techniques you learn will help you distinguish the main ideas in a text and identify the supporting details more efficiently. You will be able to use your sharpened skills to understand what you read more thoroughly and remember more of what you study.

Our reading instructors emphasize individual attention to each student’s progress. Their goals are to equip you to get the most out of your college education, to enhance your prospects for a successful work life, and to enrich your life with the knowledge and enjoyment only reading can bring.

Butler offers multiple reading courses designed (listed below) to meet you where you are as a reader and take you to the next level. Students are placed at the course level that will be most appropriate based on their ACT, ASSET or COMPASS scores.

Reading Courses

· RD 005 Multisensory Reading & Spelling I, 1 credit
· RD 006 Multisensory Reading & Spelling II, 1 credit
· RD 007 Multisensory Reading & Spelling III, 1 credit
· RD 008 Multisensory Reading & Spelling IV, 1 credit
· RD 011 Basic Reading & Vocabulary, 3 credits
· RD 012 Reading Fundamentals, 3 credits
· RD 014 ESL Basic Reading & Vocabulary, 3 credits
· RD 015 ESL Reading Fundamentals, 3 credits
· RD 051 Spelling Fundamentals, 1 credit
· RD 052 Vocabulary Fundamentals, 1 credit
· RD 100 Spelling Improvement, 1 credit
· RD 114 Advancing Reading Skills, 3 credits
· RD 135 Vocabulary Improvement, 1 credit


Placement Information

Placement in RD 011, RD 012, RD 014 and RD 015 is determined by your standardized test scores. Placement in reading courses is decided by your ACT, ASSET or COMPASS scores. You also have the opportunity to test out of both RD 011 and RD 012 by taking another reading assessment the first day of class.

To move from RD 011 to RD 012 or from RD 014 to RD 015 you will need to earn a “C” in the lower numbered course. 

Contact Us

Elena Allen, PhD
Developmental Reading Department Chair
316 323 6485
Office: BOE 101

Dr. Susan Bradley
Dean, Humanities and Social Sciences
Office: BOE 126