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Andover: 5200

El Dorado: 15-124

More Available: 500 Building, Agriculture, Rose Hill, Online: Book Below

At Butler, we are deeply committed to your academic success. Part of that commitment is to provide tutors who can help to enrich and enhance your understanding of subjects that may be particularly challenging for you.

Online tutoring is available via Zoom, by appointment and drop in during posted hours. You can meet with a tutor in-person from either our El Dorado or Andover labs.

Please be sure to have your student I.D. number when you meet with your tutor.





F R E E tutoring is available online by appointment!

F R E E Walk-ins welcome any time.

Tutor Ambassador Schedules//Offerings

Call 316-322-3286 for assistance


Call 316-322-3286 for assistance




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Online Appointments Available

Please Note:

  • booking an appointment is only required for online tutoring
  • we do not guarantee one on one tutoring
  • we do not help with Algebra certifies
  • we do not "edit" essays
  • schedules are subject to change--if you're concerned about a tutor being available, please contact that location
  • if you don't see the offerings you need or you need to contact a tutor directly, please call that location. 
  • online appointments conducted via Zoom- download not required, but highly suggested. Must sign in using ButlerCC credentials.
  • for a complete list of courses with course codes: please log in to Canvas, or use the Interactive Schedule.

More Math Tutoring Can Be Found Here. 








Email: tutorambassadors@butlercc.edu or czeiner1@butlercc.edu


Andover Lab: 316.322.3199

El Dorado Lab: 316.322.3198

C. Zeiner: 316.322.3286


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