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Personal Development

No matter what Butler degree program pathway you are pursuing or even if you are undecided, personal development courses offer you a variety of options which can help you clarify and attain your college and career goals.  You can explore career paths and learn the essential skills required to find, apply, and interview for a job, learn to manage stress, or improve your study skills and develop effective academic and organizational skills. Listed below are the options available to you. Many courses are offered online, blended, and face to face and include 8, 12, and 16 week options.

Personal Development Courses


  • PD 100 Career Planning, 1 credit
  • PD 105 Becoming a Master Student, 3 credits
  • PD 112 Stress Management, 1 credit
  • PD 121 Engaging in Business and Industry
  • PD 122 Engaging in Fine Arts and Communication
  • PD 123 Engaging in Health Sciences
  • PD 124 Engaging in Humanities
  • PD 125 Engaging in Public Services
  • PD 126 Engaging in Science, Engineering, and Math
  • PD 127 Engaging in Social/Behavioral Sciences
  • PD 129 Engaging in Meta Majors/Pathways

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