Accelerated Learning Program (ALP)

Climb the ALP.

Accelerated Learning Program (ALP)

Take on the Accelerated Learning Program in English. 

If English isn’t your best subject, we offer a refreshing and challenging approach to beginning writing classes, the Accelerated Learning Program or ALP.  If you commit yourself to ALP, you can move through developmental writing classes quickly and successfully.  Your instructors will be specially trained in teaching methods and on the lookout for ways to support your academic career.  You’ll be surrounded by peers, informed by contemporary readings, and stimulated by college work.

ALP is a proven approach to developmental writing originally developed at the Community College of Baltimore County.  At Butler, research has documented that ALP students pass their classes at higher rates than conventional English students at the same levels.   Nationally, ALP is considered one of the most effective models in developmental English. 

Some ALP Basics

  • ALP students enroll in the English class in which they place and the next English class in the sequence.  
  • ALP classes meet back-to-back and are taught by the same teacher.
  • ALP students who pass both levels earn a passing grade in the higher course.  
  • Financial Aid regulations apply.

NEWS about ALP:

When freshman Tanner Bonham started at Butler Community College he wasn’t sure what he was going to major in, let alone what he was going to do after college. At registration, his advisor told him he needed to take developmental....Read more


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