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Online forms: High School Articulation Credit Application

Through an approved High School Articulation Agreement, high school students have the opportunity to earn college credit for information and skills learned in a course in high school. The courses outlined in the articulation agreement have been reviewed by the program director and faculty at Butler Community College, are equivalent in content, and are acceptable for articulated credit subject to the policies listed below:

  1. A student must have completed the following:

    - Butler Application for Admission
    - High School Articulated Credit Application
    - Submitted high school transcript to Butler Community College’s Registrar’s Office
  2. A student must maintain a “C” or better in the specified high school course as documented on the high school transcript.
  3. Articulated credit will be posted as CP (credit pending) for the high school articulated course work until the student has earned 12 credit hours at Butler Community College. After completing 12 credit hours, the student is responsible for notifying the Registrar’s Office and the course credit will be changed from CP to CR (credit received).
  4. No fee will be assessed for the articulated credit.
  5. Credits may not apply toward the Butler Community College residency requirement.
  6. A maximum of 9 credit hours toward an Associate degree or 6 credit hours toward a certificate program will be accepted by Butler Community College.
  7. Students desiring to transfer these credits to another institution of higher learning should check with that institution to determine transferability.

For additional questions please contact: Loni Jensen Director, High School Academic Partnerships Butler Community College ljensen3@butlercc.edu 316.322.3254