High School Student Enrollment Checklist

Butler is a great place for qualified high school students to get a jump on their college education. Our Butler Academies are specifically designed to provide advanced credit in fields such as health and technology. If you are a High School Student who wants to attend Butler while still in high school, follow the steps below to enroll.

NOTE: You must be classified as a sophomore, junior, or senior according to the standards established at your high school. (Freshmen classified as gifted can also be qualified with the submission of an Individual Education Plan to the Registrar’s Office.) Please review the eligibility requirements for a complete list of requirements,

Once you meet follow the steps below to enroll. If you're interested in our Early College Academies, start with the Academies Interest form and an Early College Academies representative will contact you. 

Academy Interest Form


Step 1: Apply for Admission

Step 2: Complete the High school/Home School Release form

Step 3: Enroll

Step 4: Payment

Step 5: Textbooks