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Benchmarking for Institutional Excellence

Data Source, Peer Basket, and Year of Submission

  • Data Source: Kansas Higher Education Statistics (KHESTATS) Portal of the Kansas Board of Regents
  • Peer Basket: A pool of five other public community colleges in Kansas whose aggregated data is used for comparison purposes
  • Year of Submission: The Academic Year during which the data is submitted to KBOR (which generally lags a year from the currency of the data)

Benchmarks for Butler

Butler seeks to be at least comparable to its peers in four comprehensive measurement indicators as described below:

  • Student Success: Higher Percentage than Peer Basket or at par
  • Employment: Higher Percentage than Peer Basket or at par
  • Tuition Dependency: Within +3 % of Peer Basket or at par
  • Enrollment Growth/Loss: Higher enrollment growth or lower enrollment loss than Peer Basket or at par
  • Transfer Out GPA and hours: Higher GPA than Peer Basket or par and greater number of credit hours than Peer Basket or par.