Benchmarking for Institutional Excellence | Butler Community College

Benchmarking for Institutional Excellence

Data Source, Peer Basket, and Time Frames

  • Data Source: The raw data comes from the Kansas Higher Education Statistics (KHESTATS) Portal of the Kansas Board of Regents
  • Peer Basket: A pool of five other public community colleges in Kansas whose ‘composite picture’ approximates many facets of Butler, and whose aggregate data is used for comparison purposes. Across these several indicators that are compared, Butler seeks to be competitive with its peers.
  • Timeframes: The different data points are updated by the Kanas Board of Regents (KBOR) at different times; please pay close attention to the descriptions in each of the charts. We aim to keep this page updated on a regular basis as fresh data becomes available from KBOR.
  • Indicator descriptions: There are ten indicators being compared as follows:
    • High School Enrollment: Year over year FTE percentage change in High School dual credit enrollment
    • Student Success: Completion, transfer, or retention over a three-year period after the first year in college
    • Enrollment Growth/Loss: Fall term over fall term FTE enrollment change percentage
    • Tuition Change: Percentage of year over year change for semester tuition & fees for in-district students
    • Tuition Dependency: Percentage of total revenue that comes from tuition & fees
    • Overhead Proportion: Percentage of total expenditures going towards physical plant and institutional support in audited financial statements
    • Transfer-Out GPA: Average transfer GPA of Butler students transferring into Kansas public universities each fall
    • Transfer-Out Hours: Average credit hours transferred by Butler students transferring into Kansas public universities each fall
    • Employment: Regional job placement (in KS and MO) after one year of leaving college
    • Wages: Annual average starting wage after one year of leaving college