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Mass Communications at Butler: Hands. On. Fast.

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Hands. On. Fast.


What might take years at a four-year institution, takes you a matter of months or even weeks at Butler. Enjoy learning hands-on, fast. Our professors strive to get you behind the tools quickly so you can excel even quicker in the field you love. Whether you plan on jumping straight into a career or decide to continue your education, you’ll be well equipped with experience no matter where you go. 

Real experience, within months. 


Affordable Education

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Butler is a powerful choice to help maximize your dollars. We understand debt is a major concern for any prospective college student. That's why the average cost per year to attend Butler is less than half of a state university and a fraction of a private or for-profit institution. Plus with financial aid and scholarship opportunities, several Butler students graduate debt free.

Quality is our Trademark

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We prepare our students for promising jobs and a better pathway to a bachelor’s degree for those who desire it. How do we do it? By providing access to high-quality faculty, smaller class sizes and a variety of degrees and certifications to suit your need. When paired with our affordability, it is easy to see why Butler is an unmatched value in higher education.

Advance into a Career

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You're ready, but moving up a career ladder isn't always easy. At Butler, we offer matchless degrees, certificates and certifications, tailored for you. Whether you are starting on a new career path, or need to expand your skills to reach your career goals, we are ready to help. Plus, you'll join a caring network of Grizzly grads with mentors invested in your success.

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