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Flint Hills Classes

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Butler of Council Grove

Take Spring Classes in Council Grove or Marion

Butler is proud to serve the Flint Hills, with campuses in Council Grove and Marion. We even have hundreds of online classes you can take from anywhere. Plus, with our lower tuition rate compared to other institutions, you'll save some green!


Tuition Fees Total
   $96.95  $25.55  $122.50

*Semester Registration Fee: $15
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Have questions and just want to talk with someone? Flint Hills Site Director Amy Kjellin is ready to help! From discovering what classes we offer in Council Grove and Marion vs online to explaining resources available to help you maximize your education at Butler, Amy has the answers to your questions.

Email Amy at akjellin@butlercc.edu or call her at 620.382.2183!

Hurry, before the class you want is full!

Classes fill on a first come, first served basis. Don't delay! If you're ready to take the next step in your educational journey, the Butler Family is here to provide you all the resources and support you need to get ready for tomorrow!



Affordable Education

Butler is a powerful choice to help maximize your dollars. We understand debt is a major concern for any prospective college student. That's why the average cost per year to attend Butler is less than half of a state university and a fraction of a private or for-profit institution. Plus with financial aid and scholarship opportunities, several Butler students graduate debt free.

Quality is our Trademark

We prepare our students for promising jobs and a better pathway to a bachelor’s degree for those who desire it. How do we do it? By providing access to high-quality faculty, smaller class sizes and a variety of degrees and certifications to suit your need. When paired with our affordability, it is easy to see why Butler is an unmatched value in higher education.

Close to Home

Who says you have to leave home to get the best possible education? Let us help you jump start your educational journey at Butler of the Flint Hills. We strive to make it easier to get the the classes you need close to home. With the convenience of online or on campus in Council Grove or Marion, make Butler work for you with affordable education options.

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