Sports Management

Win Big in Your Career with Sports Management at Butler

Sports management at Butler Community College near Wichita, Kansas, allows students to work with nationally recognized athletic programs that win championships.


Turn your passion for sports into a rewarding career with Butler's Sports Management degree. Our faculty will prepare you for a variety of roles in sporting organizations. We can help as you pursue further degrees in Sport Management or go into a role in the sports industry.

Ready to get more from the game with Sport Management?

Are you wondering how to have a long career in sports? Or how to set yourself up for success at Sport Management schools? You have found the right place. Butler's sport management degree program provides hands-on training with a national sports brand. You'll learn alongside veteran sport managers and experience serving in a variety of roles at Butler Grizzly athletic events. You will gain knowledge from real world learning opportunities.

Butler's Sport Management Program is championship level sports management.

Once you're done at Butler, you'll have lots of options. If you choose to move on to a 4-year program, areas of focused study may include, but are not limited to: 

  • Sport Management

  • Public Recreation 

  • Children and Family 

  • Fitness Club Management 

  • Commercial Recreation 

  • Outdoor Leadership 

  • Outdoor Recreation 

  • Youth at Risk 

The career opportunities for Sport Management positions are growing at a tremendous rate. From college and professional sports to local opportunities. These include Sport Marketing, Athletic Administration, Sport Facility Management, Public Recreation Administration, Special Event Development, and Commercial Recreation Enterprise. Don't wait for the whistle - Start on your journey today!

Classes You Take in Sport Management

Save time and money when creating your schedule on your journey to a career in the sports industry. View your Sports Management course sequence and determine how long your Sport Management degree will take to finish.

Estimated tuition for Sports Management = $10,020**

**This includes two years of tuition based on being a Kansas Resident and taking 60 credit hours, estimated fees, and estimated books. Housing and meal plans not included. Fees may vary depending on specific degree path.


Time of Day El Dorado

Select the location and time that best fits your schedule. Not sure how to make it work? Ask an advisor today about scheduling that fits you.


The graph below illustrates local salaries based on a career path related to this degree. Each career path varies as does the necessary training required.* For further information, connect with your program’s lead instructor.

Management Analysts

$35.15 hourly wage
721 annual job openings

7033 Management Analysts are currently employed in Kansas.

*Salaries will vary based on degree level obtained and years of experience. The accuracy of EMSI data is deemed reliable but not guaranteed by Butler Community College and is subject to change.