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About Criminal Justice

Become Part of an Important Adventure

Study criminal justice at Butler and learn how to adapt to change, handle stress and judge dangerous situations. By using critical thinking, intervention strategies, legal proceedings and gang investigation techniques you become adept at criminal investigation, criminal law, constitutional law, and criminology. The small class size at Butler offers you the opportunity to learn hands-on techniques and take advantage of internships, which expose you to real-world settings.

Professional instructors trained in federal and state law, corrections and court proceedings walk you through a dynamic curriculum that teaches you how to assess communities and understand what causes crime. By learning how to respond to crime with a multi-layered and multi-disciplinary approach, you are able to assess the situation and use prevention, intervention, crime suppression, treatment and aftercare practices.

When you study law enforcement procedures, the operation of courts, and the inner workings of correctional institutions, you understand the demanding and rewarding opportunities you encounter as a criminal justice professional. This demanding job is both exciting and rewarding. Whether you head straight to work with your two-year degree or into a four-year Criminal Justice program, you are well-educated at Butler.