Which Physics Course Should I Take? | Butler Community College

Which Physics Course Should I Take?

The primary reason many people think that science is "hard" is a mismatch of the person's mathematical abilities to the physics course, not the subject material.

At Butler, you are encouraged to enroll in the best course for your background in both physics and math. When you choose a course that has less math than you can handle you may become bored. Alternatively, when you choose a course you are not prepared for, you become frustrated. If you have any question about which course is probably the best for you, contact one of the instructors in the physics department.

  • Basic Physics: This course is a conceptual physics that requires basic math skills. It is designed for non-science majors needing a Lab Science class.
  • General Physics I: This course is designed for students who understand and can use algebra at the college level. You must pass College Algebra with a C or better to take General Physics I.  Passing Trigonometry with a C or better is recommended.
  • General Physics II: Passing General Physics I with a C is required before you enroll in this course.
  • Physics I: This course is designed for the science major. A pre-requisite of Calculus I is required for Physics I.
  • Physics II: Successful completion of Calculus II and Physics I is required to enroll in Physics II.

General Physical Science, Descriptive Astronomy, Physical Geology, and Introduction to Meteorology each require an understanding of basic algebra formulas and the ability to create graphs and charts.