About Economics

People make the world go around. Money is just one way they do it.

If you thought economics was all about money, think again. It’s really about all the resources nations employ to create goods and services, jobs and prosperity. Some of those resources can be financial, but they can also be found in the skills of workers and how they apply them as well as the physical assets of property, raw materials, equipment and technology. It’s what we do with all those assets that determines the quality of life we enjoy. So economics is really all about the way people interact in a society to increase productivity and enhance well-being.

The Associate’s degree program at Butler covers both macroeconomic and microeconomic perspectives. At the macroeconomic level, you’ll learn about public policies and regulations as well as private sector business models and market dynamics that influence a nation’s economy. Courses in microeconomics will give you the practical knowledge you need to participate more effectively in the economy as a consumer, worker, entrepreneur and citizen.