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Careers in Foreign Language

When you study a foreign language, you take a step forward!  If you major in foreign language, you will further your studies in the arts or literature.  If you major in another field, you will find language the perfect addition to careers in education, business or law, to name a few.  Many employers see the advantage of hiring people who can help their organization compete in the global marketplace.  Acquiring a foreign language advances work in

  • Domestic and international business
  • Domestic and international law
  • Medicine and emergency services
  • Social work and child protective services
  • Bilingual elementary/secondary education
  • Hotel and restaurant management
  • Law enforcement and homeland security
  • Interpretation/translation
  • Library science
  • Construction science
  • Marketing and public relations
  • Military or domestic and international government
  • Television correspondence
  • Travel or investigative journalism
  • Religious or non-religious volunteer work

Simply put, acquiring a foreign language will put you ahead of monolingual graduates, and that’s a valuable asset in cultural understanding and the global economy.