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About Philosophy

First Know Yourself…Then Change the World 

Learn how to understand ideas, question premises, develop critical responses and reflect upon the larger world of ideas, beliefs, institutions and values.

Studying philosophy supplies you with the ability to think critically about problems and their solutions. This is a skill many employers demand. As the world advances technologically, the complexities of modern life only increases, as does the need for people who have the intellectual capacity to decipher and manage that complexity.

To earn a major in philosophy, you must complete nine hours of philosophy courses. When you major in philosophy at Butler, you have the opportunity to expand your breadth of understanding by taking a course from our religion department. This major transfers easily into a four-year college.

“Philosophy is quite unlike any other field. It is unique both in its methods and in the nature and breadth of its subject matter. Philosophy pursues questions in every dimension of human life, and its techniques apply to problems in any field of study or endeavor…It is a reasoned pursuit of fundamental truths, a quest for understanding, a study of principles of conduct.”  American Philosophical Association’s “Brief Guide for Undergraduates.”