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Slow Down on Campus

Facilities Management personnel worked yesterday to clean sidewalks and parking lots, but some areas may be slick on campus. Please slow down to 10 mph while on campus and watch your step!

Online Music Courses

External requirements for online music courses

Performance attendance requirement for MU100

Students are required to attend and critique one live musical performance that meets the following requirements.

1) Concert must be either a community college, 4-year college, or professional concert (no High School, church or community concerts)
2)  Concerts must be one hour in length.
3) The concert must be art music or theater in nature (no Rock, Country, Christian, Pop, etc.)
4) The concert is to use live music as the primary musical performance. (i.e., a Dance recital with recorded music is NOT acceptable, but a professional musical with recorded instruments IS 
acceptable as long as the vocals are sung live.)