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Online Business Courses

BA Proctored Exams and External Software

Proctored Exams

Most online courses are completed entirely on one's personal computer. A few selected courses require proctored exams. 

Proctored exams are exams taken face- to-face in an educational environment. If a student lives within a 60-mile radius of any Butler campus, they must take the exams on a Butler campus. Students living outside this radius must submit paperwork for securing an approved proctor. This paperwork is available from the instructor.

These online courses in the Business department require proctored exams

BA104 Information Processing Systems - Final

BA127 Accounting II Final

BE103 Keyboard Skill Building -  Pretest, Midterm and Final

BE108 Records Management - Final

External Software Purchases

Many of the online business courses require the purchase and installation of specific Microsoft software. Students are responsible for reliable access to these programs. These courses include the following:


  • BA104 Information Processing Systems
  • BA126 Accounting I
  • BA127 Accounting II
  • BA204 Managerial Accounting
  • BA211 Computerized Accounting 
  • BA245 Advanced Computer Applications 
  • BE165 Micro App Word Processing
  • BE170 Micro App Spreadsheet
  • BE175 MAPI Presentation Graphics
  • BE180 Micro App Dbase
  • BE275 Desktop Publishing