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Take courses online via our virtual campus.

We all know online college is convenient, but does online college actually work? Absolutely! In fact, as an accredited institution Butler Online offers unmatched value for a quality education. It's the smart choice to empower your dream & achieve your goals.

Day care, job schedules, long commutes, and tuition costs can all provide challenges to earning your college degree. How do you fit classes into an already busy life? That’s where Butler Online can help. You can attend from anywhere you have Internet access. If that place happens to be home, you don’t have to wear pants!

Unmatched Value

We have the conversations everyday and we understand: The cost associated with going to Universities and colleges and obtaining a degree is a big concern for students. Butler Online is built to provide substaintal savings for our students while maintaining quality education standards. Our accreditations & articulation agreements ensure your education is respected by employers and transfer institutions. It's no wonder why Butler Online students tell us we are a cost-effective, affordable and viable alternative to attending a physical campus for a traditional college experience and an unmatched value.

Built with Your Life in Mind

With more than 200 courses (and counting) and 9 degrees online -- you really can take Butler home with you. Courses can be taken entirely in a virtual setting, or explore blended options, meaning that some of the coursework is completed on one of Butler's 7 campuses.

Get Started

Becoming a student of Butler Online is easy:

  • First you must apply to Butler.
    • Great news: Applications are free & quick to complete!
  • When accepted, schedule a time to connect with an advisor and determine a major & build your custom schedule.
    • You're one step closer to experience the freedom offered by attending Butler Online!
  • Not sure what you want to declare yet? Here is a full list of degrees to choose from. 

You can obtain an education and a degree on your own terms, on your own schedule. Let's get ready for life with Butler Online!

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