Annual Report | Butler Community College

Annual Report


President’s Message

Dear Friends,

As Butler Community College celebrated our 90-year history of excellence, we have once again had an exciting and eventful year.  Butler received ACT’s top award by being named the National Exemplar Career Preparedness Award recipient for 2016-2017 for College and Career Readiness.  Our exceptional Early College Academies, where high school juniors and seniors can complete an associate degree while finishing their high school diplomas, were the focus of the award.  The ACT staff brought a national video team to Butler and professionally captured our Early College story.  Butler was also nominated as a top community college in the nation by the Aspen Institute. By receiving this nomination, Butler is one of 150 community colleges able to compete for the $1 million prize and the honor of being named the top community college in the nation.

The Butler Grizzlies continued a tradition of excellence as well. Our softball team won the NJCAA D-1 national championship again this year with a 58-1 record.  With their back-to-back national championships, a two season record of 111-5 and an 88-game winning streak, Butler was identified with the longest winning streak in softball history at any collegiate level.  For the second year in a row, the softball coaches received national recognition as the “Staff of the Year.” Five players received All-American status with Brynn Minor being named the 2017 NJCAA Betty Jo Graber Female Student-Athlete of the Year, the Dudley NJCAA D-1 Player of the Year and Regan Mergele as the Dudley NJCAA D-1 Pitcher of the Year.  Men’s Track won the Region VI Indoor Championship again this year and finished fourth nationally.  Our other teams also saw great season successes both on and off the field.  We’re very proud that we had 55 NJCAA Academic Student-Athlete Award recipients.     

Butler’s Livestock Judging Team received national recognition as well by being named the “Team of the Year” by the Junior College Coaches Association.  Butler’s coaches were recognized as “Coaches of the Year.”  Five of the 15 All-Americans were members of Butler’s team, adding to our long-time success of Butler having more All-Americans than any other program in the country. 

With a continued focus on student retention and success, Butler’s math faculty have spent more than a year redesigning all the math courses into 1 credit-hour modules, allowing students to focus on specific topics where additional learning support is needed.  Promising results are already being realized with the inaugural students in the fall 2017 “roll-out” of the modules. 

Faculty and staff across the College have been diligent this past year in redesigning all our programs of study. Fall 2018 will see the implementation of “Guided Pathways,” which is a model promoting a streamlined navigational approach to choosing classes and a clearer pathway toward graduation. National statistics indicate that with “Guided Pathways” students are more likely to graduate or receive their certificates in a timely fashion, thus saving them time and money.

Butler is in the midst of a digital transformation as well with a number of IT infrastructure projects underway to meet the current and future teaching, learning, digital safety and security needs for our students, faculty and staff.  As technology is being updated, Butler is also involved in a comprehensive master site and facilities planning process with Gravity::Works + DLR Group, Inc. The completed master plan will include not only deferred maintenance information but suggested renovation, future building, and landscaping plans. This project will provide a facilities roadmap for the next number of years.   

While all our accomplishments are too numerous to mention, a few items of note also include:

  • The plaza area south of the Hubbard Student Center has been renovated and renamed Veteran’s Square to honor all those who have served and continue to serve in our military.
  • Three Butler Professors were chosen to teach as part of the NASA Community College Aerospace Scholars program that offers community college students interactive, web-based courses.
  • Butler’s Nursing Program celebrated its 50th Anniversary this year with more than 3,500 graduates to date.
  • Long-time Butler Theatre Department Chair and Professor, Bob Peterson was awarded the Outstanding Theatre Educator of the Year award by the Mary Jane Teall Theatre Organization for his dedication to theatre education. 

We are so grateful for our wonderful supporters as well. This past year, Butler was able to provide more than $3.5 million in scholarships for academic, activity, and athletic accomplishments, with the Foundation contributing more than $600,000  of that total to more than 500 students. We are excited to be helping students transform their lives at Butler, where thousands of tomorrows start today.

Best Wishes,


Dr. Kimberly Krull




Butler Community College Fiscal Year 2015-2016 (Unaudited)

Revenue by Source  2016-2017  Total  Percent
 Student Sources  $20,303,436  36.4%
 Federal Sources  $76,386  0.1% 
 State Sources  $14,771,012  26.5% 
 County  $0  0% 
Local Sources  $13,558,974  24.3% 
 Other Sources  $7,095,176  12.7% 
Total $55,804,984 100.0%
Expenditure by  Sources 2016-2017 Total Percent
 Instruction   $17,080,712  30.7% 
 Community Services  $0   0% 
 Academic Support  $4,323,828  7.8% 
Student Services  $5,996,897  10.8%
 Institutional Support  $14,510,814  26.1%
 Operations and Maintenance  $3,380,199  6.1% 
 Scholarships  $3,007,677  5.4% 
 Mandatory Transfers  $7,260,530  13.1% 
 Non-mandatory Transfers  $0   0.0% 
 Auxiliary Enterprise  $0   0.0% 
Total $55,560,657 100.0%



Butler Community College Foundation Fiscal Year 2016 (Audited)


Total Current Assets: $2,185,927

Long-Term Investments: $11,097,272

Property and Equipment: $6,099

Other Assets: $838,673

Total Assets: $14,127,971



Total Current Liabilities: $124,941

Long-Term Liabilities: $50,242

Total Liabilities: $175,193


Net Assets

Unrestricted: $570,480

Temporarily Restricted: $3,903,900

Permanently Restricted: $9,478,408

Total Net Assets: $13,952,788


2016-2017 Honor Roll of Donors