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Business Pathway

Let us help you earn your associate degree while simultaneously earning your high school diploma by spending half a day at your high school and the other half at Butler’s Andover campus. You can prepare yourself for a business degree and get a jump start on your college career.

Graduates of the Business Pathway can:

  • Make immediate contributions in the local workforce
  • Learn how to write a business plan
  • Learn how to advertise and market products
  • Learn leadership skills and how to manage
  • Take courses in enterprise planning, small business operations, business law and regulations and e-commerce
  • Benefit from the 2 + 2 agreement with Ottawa University.
  • Transfer to a four-year university

Partnership is Key

Youth Entrepreneurs is a nonprofit 501c(3) organization, founded by the Koch Foundation, that teaches business and entrepreneurial education. They believe teaching entrepreneurship better prepares students for success in business and other future career and education endeavors.

Youth Entrepreneurs students and alumni have access to exclusive summer partnership opportunities, scholarships, venture capital awards, networking events, and opportunities to promote their entrepreneurial endeavors. ECBEA students will have internship opportunities as part of this program.

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Michael Donovan
Butler of Andover, 5157
715 E. 13th St
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