Starting College Early | Butler Community College

Starting College Early

Starting college early comes with a variety of benefits. Regardless of the option your student chooses, Butler is here and dedicated to their success.

  1. Dual credit. Taking a Butler class may count as both college and high school credit, allowing your student to get a jump start on their education. 
  2. Save time and money. Your student will complete college faster and it is more affordable.  Through programs like Excel in CTE and Butler’s general education tuition waiver, many classes are tuition free helping your student save both time and money.
  3. Comfortable. Your student can take college classes at their high school, allowing them to earn college credit with friends from their school.  This will often allow them to make study groups and know someone in the class they’ll be taking.
  4. Exploration. They can explore different areas they might be interested in.  College courses are a great way to learn something new and earn credit at the same time.
  5. New challenges and experiences. College courses will allow your student the opportunity to challenge themselves with new experiences and teachers.
  6. Convenient. The schedule of courses is convenient, and often fits your student's high school schedule. When a course doesn't fit the high school schedule, online and evening classes are available. 
  7. Perks. Starting college early comes with all of the perks and benefits. Your student has access to things like tutoring, advising, and the library.  They even get free admissoin to athletic events, student activities, and fine arts events.
  8. Workforce ready. We recognize that a 4-year degree isn't everyone's goal. Through our certificate and Excel in CTE courses, your student can graduate high school ready to enter the workforce.
  9. Resume builder. Taking college classes now will help when it's time for your student to fill out scholarship applications. It never hurts to show scholarship committees that you're a proven successful college student. 
  10. Quality education with unprecedented student support. Butler’s faculty are dedicated and highly trained experts in their field. All Butler faculty and staff are committed to student success, offering a high level of support. Small class sizes ensures that your student has direct access to their teachers and your student is not lost in a lecture hall of hundreds of students.